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The bumper-sticker ‘Keepin’ it Weird Austin, Texas‘, has a special place in my home. Not that I’ve been there, but my son has. And I love that there is a whole city that is weird – and proud!

And if Alexis is anything to go by, then I’m all for a whole city of weird.

Let me tell you about Alexis.

A friend and I stopped for a coffee at The Churchill while holidaying in Wellington, New Zealand, a couple of years ago. The coffee was good and the conversation with the young girl who took our order was even better.

Being the chatty person I am, I asked where her accent was from. I’m never sure whether it’s a Canadian or American accent. And I’ve learned from experience to never, ever guess. Some Canadians get a bit upset if you get it wrong. It’s a bit like asking an Australian what part of New Zealand they’re from.

Keeping it weird

Alexis was from Austin, Texas.

My American friend was quick to remind Alexis of the – keeping it weird in Austin – slogan.

But as far as weird goes, there was nothing weird about Alexis. She was an extraordinary young person, on a working holiday in New Zealand. And in the course of the conversation she told us her next journey would be to Australia.

Naturally, I gave Alexis my contact details and asked her to stay in touch. And she did.

The Vlog!

I had never heard of a Vlog – but Alexis has one.

Instead of writing about your holiday – you Video it. Add a bit of background music and dialogue and you’ve got yourself a Vlog. It’s a great way of sharing places you’ve been.

Alexis made it to Australia and I caught up with her in Byron Bay. And there was just enough time to show her around my area before she set off on another adventure.

Alexis loved the sunset at Tumbulgum

And I am really glad they are keeping it weird in Austin. I’m totally okay with that.

Is eccentric the same as weird?

Maybe that’s why I like the idea of keeping it weird – it fits so well with my eccentricity.


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  1. Hey Maureen my facebook welcome comment is ‘weird is welcome here’. I am very cool with weird/eccentric.

    Cheers F

    1. Frances, there is nothing wrong with weird – I just wonder how anyone could get through life without it. I wear my ‘eccentric’ like a badge of honour.
      And I love your FB welcome comment! 🙂

I’ll get back to you as soon as I finish my coffee...

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