Just One Little Word… That’s All I’m Taking.

Most minds are in overdrive at this time of year, trying hard to come up with a list of goals that will shape the forthcoming year. But not mine. No resolutions – no lists. Just a word – just one little word. That’s all I’m taking into this new year with me.

I gave up on resolutions years ago. They were such a waste of time – gathering dust in some obsolete corner of my mind. Completely forgotten – usually by the time January ended and February showed up.

And lists? Nope… even if I was able to remember where I’d put them. One day I’ll find the printer ink in the safe place I put it last year, and right beside it will be all the lists I’ve ever written.

Lists overwhelm me. By the time I’ve read from top to bottom, I’ve decided they are all too hard and the list goes back into that safe place, never to see the light of day again.

This year – I’m taking just one little word into 2020.

After a year of trying to please those who will never be pleased – I am focussing on the word…


Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay 

IGNORE and I will sail into the new year, safe in the knowledge that they who will never be pleased can bombard us with all they can muster – and we will be fine. We will wear the teflon-coating of someone who does not want to know. Whatever their latest drama is, it will go unnoticed – at least by IGNORE and I.

Dramas are what they choose and have nothing to do with us. We will hold our head high and continue right on doing whatever it is that makes us smile each day.


  • reading more books
  • writing more blogs
  • watching more movies
  • drinking more coffee
  • teaching more seniors how to connect with the world through technology
  • having more fun

Yep! This is going to be the year for IGNORING all the things that don’t matter, and enjoying more of what does.

2020 – Here we come!


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  1. Di Hill

    It’s often a challenging route. I too like helping others, but I find it too much a one way street. I like the idea of ignorning some.

    1. Maureen

      When people genuinely need help – I’m the first one there – but there are some people who don’t have the best interests of others at heart. I hate not helping – but not when there are ulterior motives of those you try to help. It’s a long story and I may devote a blog to it one day, but for now – I’ll stick to ignoring them, even if it is just for my sanity. I hope it works for you too, Di.

  2. Sally Eberhardt

    Good to hear you are no longer willing to be put through other people’s drama 🙂 2020 just got a whole lot better for you! You deserve the peace and kindness that bring to other’s lives xx

    1. Maureen

      Well, that’s the plan, Sally. I’ll let you know how it goes. Some of it is forced upon me, and I can’t ignore that, but I will be trying to deal with it all very objectively with as little sentiment as possible. Hopefully…

  3. hafong

    Good word and good plan, Maureen. I’m with you on this.


    1. Maureen

      Thanks Lily. I’ve wasted far too much time over the past year trying to solve problems for a small group of people who will never be happy – no matter what I do. So this year, those people will have to find someone else to badger with their problems – ‘cause I’m ignoring them – respectfully, of course…

I’ll get back to you as soon as I finish my coffee...

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