Have One More For The Road

We have a reputation for being a drinking nation – here in Australia. And one of the phrases I grew up with was ‘have one more for the road’. I heard it a lot when I was young. And my dad could be the very reason Australia earned the reputation. He loved a cold beer – or two – after a long day.

Aussies are also a sociable mob who obviously don’t like drinking alone. If a drinking partner stood up and put on his hat, you’d hear “Here you go mate, have one more for the road”. Which would then require a return shout and eventuated in another hour or two of drinking.

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I didn’t inherit my dad’s taste for beer, but I’m not opposed to squeezing in one more blog before the Northern Hemisphere signals ‘Closing Time’ on the January Ultimate Blog Challenge.

To say the challenge was worth every waking moment long after these eyes should have closed, is an understatement.

Each Ultimate Blog Challenge adds another layer to my writing skill.

When I look back, it’s easy to see how far I’ve come.

I used to think it was following the prompts that made the difference. Being able to construct at least three-hundred words out of a single, random topic. But this time round, I didn’t follow the topics as much as I used to. And it wasn’t that they weren’t great topics; because they were. I just didn’t.

Lack of organisation and lack of resonance are probably the key factors. By the time I worked out what day of the blog we were up to, another, more inspiring topic had arrived in my inbox. And being the butterfly that I am, I would go off in another direction, chasing the new challenge for the day. Or, not resonate with any of the topics and sail off over my own rainbow.

What made a difference to my writing this time, was the exhilarating moment I discovered my niche, by not finding my niche. And realising the importance of being true to my own writing style.

And how did I discover the truth about my writing style?

  • Thoughts spilled out of my head, effortlessly
  • Images were easy to find to complement the words
  • Comments were more encouraging
  • More Likes for the posts that were easier to write

So here’s my One More For The Road blog

I could write all day, every day, but without your feedback, my words would be futile.

The January Ultimate Blog Challenge gave me the opportunity to put my words out there, and to take onboard the comments and likes. Or – the lack of either or both.

In return I commented on the writing of others, and ticked Like for many more. I only wish I’d had time to read more, because I’m sure there were hundreds on the challenge whose words I didn’t see.

For those I read, I will continue to follow, and give feedback. It is only through the feedback we receive, that we know what works and what doesn’t. It’s what helps shape our writing and affirms our style.

Thank you to all fellow-participants in the UBC for January. I am sorry I wasn’t able to read every post, as I know I missed the opportunity to be inspired by a lot more bloggers.

So now I have had my one more for the road, I stand up, put on my hat and head for the door.

I thank you all for the companionship in this session, and will be back for more in another Ultimate Blog Challenge.

See ya later, Mate!


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  1. Your a great mentor Maureen , Im already learning to let go and let it write itself .

    1. It will happen more often than you think, Caz. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when you have to write something and it just doesn’t want to be written.
      But the best ones will always be the ones that write themselves. I love them!
      Keep Writing!!

      1. Beautiful x

        1. Thanks Caz. I’ll let you know when the next Ultimate Blog Challenge starts (July – I think…) and you can join us in posting a blog a day. It’s fun and you get to meet a lot of great bloggers. 🙂

          1. Cool thank you xx

  2. You got it exactly, Maureen. You’ve hit the nail on the head! I often wish that I could write like others – how to do stuff, travel adventures, etc. That doesn’t work for me. I admire your travel adventures and the way you describe places and things like your post on doors and windows. But that’s not me or how my brain works. I can’t remember the places I’ve travelled to. My photos are grouped to countries with no description. I can only mutter my thoughts. Grrr!

    1. The saga of the windows and doors was created by not knowing what to write about, but luckily it turned out well.
      I’m always amazed at how I can start out with a plan in my head, and end up writing something very different. It’s almost like the story just writes itself. I’m hoping one day a book will appear the same way.
      Perhaps we’ve both found our niche.
      Actually, you could write about anything and it would be great to read. It’s the way you write, whether it’s about feelings, or your trip to the pool. It’s the way you put the words together that makes your writing such a pleasure to read.
      Keep muttering your thoughts – we love reading them! 🙂

      1. Ah, thank you, Maureen. You say such nice things to me. Really appreciate it. Been down with my cold.


        1. You are welcome, Lily.
          Happy Writing!
          And I hope your cold is better soon… 🙂

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