Day 6 Blog Challenge – Thank You For Making A Difference!
My second Seattle home: The RedWing Cafe

Day 6 Blog Challenge – Thank You For Making A Difference!

Making A Difference!

How often do we say to someone we meet, “Thank you for making a difference!”

My personal experience is – ‘not nearly enough!’ And I meet people almost daily who make a huge difference in my life; I just don’t tell them that they do. Maybe in subtle ways they get the message, but they need to hear it loud and clear.

Today I’m going to shout out to some people who are changing my world, one coffee at a time.


I arrived in Seattle on the 11th day of December. It was cold! Probably not cold in local terms but definitely cold in Aussie terms. When I left Australia on the night of 11th of December, it was hot! No, it wasn’t the shortest flight across continents in history, or space travel, it’s just the quirky bit about crossing the International Date Line that landed me in the US of A seemingly two hours after I left the fair shores of Brisbane, Australia.

But here I am in the beautiful city of Seattle, meeting some really amazing people. All have had a profound effect on me but there are some who have made a bigger difference in my life than they will ever know.

This Is A Shout-Out To RedWing Cafe!

My second home in Seattle: The RedWing Cafe

Collectively, the staff at RedWing Cafe have been responsible for maintaining my sanity, and therefore the safety of others, for the duration of my holiday. Individually, they brightened my day every time I made the twenty minute trek down the hill from 63rd Avenue S to be greeted by a warm smile, friendly hello and large Cappuccino as I walked in the door.

God Bless You All At RedWing Cafe

Anyone who knows me well or keeps up with my blogging, knows not to approach me before I am caffeinated. Am I addicted to coffee? Yes! Generally I have just one cup of coffee a day, therefore I don’t think my health is compromised in any way because of the addiction; the safety and well-being of family, friends and the general public? Now that’s a different story. My one cup of coffee, best partaken of early in the morning, is the difference between:

  • civil and grrr!
  • pleasant and ‘stand clear!’
  • ‘Hi there’ and ‘just give me the coffee and no one will get hurt!
Anthony co-owns RedWing Cafe with Su; Bringing a successful business to 9272 57th Ave S, Seattle

Su and Anthony brought their vision of a much-needed cafe to the Rainier Beach area at 57th Ave S. Their dream has made a huge difference to the lives of the locals who call this area home.

Su (and Anthony) own Redwing Cafe;

It Really Is A Serious Problem

The severity of my addiction goes beyond having a hot beverage of caffeinated liquid in either a ceramic or paper cup. If it was that easy I could simply make a cup of what is generally considered Instant Coffee, within minutes of opening my eyes each morning, and the world would be a better place for everyone. But since my discovery of the Cappuccino, especially a large one with a double shot of espresso, the instant variety is no longer a part of my vocabulary. It just doesn’t happen!

It’s Complicated!

There are Cappuccinos, and there are Cappuccinos! There are some that I struggle to describe in terms of real coffee and there are some that I would walk over broken glass to get to, well, almost. It comes down to how conscientious the Barista is about their craft – and believe me – pulling the perfect shot is almost an exact science. There is a little wriggle room, but not much. My heroes at RedWing Cafe have perfected the craft of pulling the perfect shot and consitently provide the ideal combination, every time. Steamed milk blended expertly with the perfect shot; what more could I ask?

Danielle greets everyone with the same great smile that says ‘Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.’

The Coffee Is The Best!

This is a great photo of Danielle but trust me, she looks even better with a large Cappuccino In her hand; as long as it has my name on it. Danielle, you make great coffee!

And it isn’t only about the taste of the coffee; RedWing Cafe provides the perfect place to sit, either alone or with friends, and just soak up the incredible atmosphere.

Just one of the beautiful tables handcrafted by the very talented Shawn

It’s About The Ambience …

From the amazing tables lovingly handcrafted by Shawn out of a maple tree that once shaded the owner’s backyard, to the menu that specifically caters for vegetarians and vegans but is equally enjoyed by those other people (the carnivores).

The menu caters for all tastes and a variety of dietary needs

Master Craftsman

I was lucky enough to be sitting at my favourite table when Shawn called in for a coffee. His craftmanship is reflected in so much of the outstanding decor at RedWing Cafe. Warmth and comfort emanate from every table and piece of timber on an otherwise cold, wet Seattle day.

Shawn called in for a coffee and stood humbly by one of the outstanding tables he carved for the cafe.

It all works to make RedWing Cafe my home away from home and the perfect place to write. My favourite writing-space is upstairs in either of the two back corners, but the downstairs section works just as well.

Ed is always ready with a smile and warm welcome

Everyone at RedWing Cafe makes a contribution to creating the perfect place to enjoy a great coffee and spectacular food.

Tyree takes care of the food department and makes the best Avocado Toast on the planet!

The combination of fabulous coffee, food and exceptional staff make RedWing Cafe the place to be in Seattle if you are in need of a great place to hang out.

Franky keeps everything running smoothly in the kitchen and dining room.

Franky, Tyree and Brett make sure hungry diners enjoy the best food, every time. Did I mention the Avocado Toast? You really haven’t lived until you’ve tried this RedWing Cafe speciality.

Brett creates another breakfast culinary masterpiece for a diner on-the-run

My apologies to the many people behind the scenes at RedWing Cafe that I either didn’t meet or have the opportunity to photograph; just know that you all contribute to creating a great dining experience and I thank you all sincerely.

Tristan is just one of the great Baristas who keep the coffee coming in my direction.

Thank You RedWing Cafe For Making A Difference

Judging by the people I meet at this amazing place, I’m not the only one whose life has been changed for the better by the staff at RedWing Cafe. I may only be passing through Seattle for a short time, but I will be holding up each and every one of the inspiring staff of RedWing Cafe as a yardstick by which to measure cafes in the future.

RedWing Cafe – I Thank You – And I Will Return

Ready to write!

To sit at my favourite table again and indulge in a Cappuccino and Avocado Toast, surrounded by such happy and dedicated people will be all the incentive I need to return to Seattle. I look forward to walking through the door and greeting you all with “G’Day – I’m Back!”

Until then, keep doing what you do best:

Making a difference in people’s lives, one coffee at a time, at RedWing Cafe


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  1. Thanks for being a part of the fabric of our neighborhood Maureen! It was a pleasure getting to meet you!

    1. Thank you Jennifer for making me feel so welcome. You live in a spectacularly beautiful part of the world, made even better by the wonderful people who share it with you. I will definitely be coming back for more of Seattle’s beauty and hospitality.

  2. I second everything you said! What a lovely place in this- also my neighborhood, and what lovely people who work there. It’s making a huge difference!

    1. You are so lucky to live in this fabulous neighbourhood Mita and to be able to visit RedWing Cafe so easily. I really have practically lived at the cafe for the past few weeks and it has been an honor to get to know the fabulous people who make RedWing Cafe the exceptional place that it is.

  3. Thanks for this wonderful post! Redwing Cafe truly is a special place 🙂 It was great to meet you today! Sincerely, Brett

    1. Thanks Brett and a huge thank you to you for the fabulous PB&J Toast. I seem to find a new favourite with everything I try. You are all Awesome!!!

  4. Maureen, thanks for the lovely write-up! We have enjoyed having you here and getting to know you as well. Happy to be your office and living room away from home whenever you are in Seattle.

    1. Thank you Anthony (and Su). I have felt very much at home at RedWng Cafe and the coffee is exceptional! Oh, and did I mention how good the Avocado Toast is? But of course, it’s the great people who greet every customer that walks through the door that makes RedWing Cafe so special. You have an awesome team! Thank You All!!!

  5. Maureen!!! What a lovely post! I second what Doug said. 🙂 It’s great to have a favourite coffee shop, isn’t it? I usually go to a Starbucks that is just 5 minutes away from my house. The time I go is usually very quiet, and it gives me the chance to chat to them a bit. 🙂


    1. Thank you Daniela – I’m glad you enjoyed reading about the fantastic people who make the RedWing Cafe my home away from home. I can relate to your reference to Starbucks – I lived a couple of blocks from a Starbucks many years ago and it was my weekend hangout place. Loved it!

  6. Hi, I feel like I have just had a conversation with you at the RedWing Cafe.
    The coffee is great. I drink slowly so when I am finished it is called an “Iced Cap”, a popular summer favourite on this side of the pond.
    When the weather is -25C I hesitate to make the 25 minute walk to my local watering hole (caffinating station?), but it is good for catching up on #blogboost ing.
    You see, I am a couple of days behind too, but I cannot use the International date line as an excuse.
    Maybe we can meet again for a virtual coffee when it gets warmer. You should try a McDonalds Ice Cappuccino here. I could not find a MacDonalds in Australia that could make a comparable one when I was there last summer.
    Blog on!

    1. Thank you Doug; I know you will have enjoyed your virtual coffee at the RedWing Cafe. If you are ever in Seattle you could turn a virtual coffee into the real thing at RedWing Cafe. I’m sure you would love the great people there as much as I do. I liked the reference to your ‘local watering hole’ – very Aussie!

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