Southbank, After WordCamp Brisbane 2017
Looking back at the Treasury Casino from the bridge

Southbank, After WordCamp Brisbane 2017

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When The Doors Closed on WordCamp Brisbane 2017 –  Southbank Beckoned!

That bittersweet moment, when you are tired enough to want to go home, but inspired enough to want more. A sad farewell to old and new friends and a promise to stay in touch. Only then did our thoughts stray to dinner, and Southbank beckoned. In search of a quick and easy meal, and to ensure the early night we’d promised ourselves, three of us headed across the bridge towards Southbank, on Sunday night.

Crossing the bridge towards Southbank
Looking back at the Treasury Casino from the bridge

The lights shimmering on the river made us forget about food…

….just long enough to capture the beauty of this part of the city.

The Brisbane Wheel gives a birds-eye-view of the city, especially beautiful at night
The shimmer of lights on the Brisbane River was spectacular

Southbank, Brisbane, is a vibrant hub of activity, even on a Sunday night. In search of food, of the quick and easy variety, the splendour of this waterfront corner of the city opened up. Pop-up markets, with a vast array of Asian food, had enticed a large crowd. You would have to wonder if the crowds at the Night Noodle Market were locals having an easy night, or out-of-towners, like us? Either way, the relaxed atmosphere held us captive, for a while. But in need of a quieter atmosphere, we walked on. There are more permanent restaurants along the streets of Southbank, and we found the perfect place. Quiet, warm, peaceful, and enough choices to satisfy all our priorities – even Vegetarian options for me.

The beauty of the Brisbane city night sky
Taking the long way back to the bridge gave us another spectacular light-show

Fed, weary, and in desperate need of rest, we made our way back to our respective hotels.

If Australia WordCamp 2018 doesn’t come soon enough, we’ll look to foreign shores to get our WordCamp fix. The WordPress family comes together at WordCamp, and we can’t wait to meet again.



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  1. Di Hill

    Yes, I am keen to attend the next WordCamp – there’ll probably be one on the Gold Coast about mid year 2018. Love your night photos of Southbank.

    1. Maureen

      Yes!!! All I have to do now is wait for mid-year 2018. I might still check out an international WordCamp, just to see how the other half of the world does it. They’d have to be good to beat the Aussie ones I’ve attended, but, we’ll see.
      The photos didn’t do justice to the natural beauty of the river, but it’s better than not seeing it at all, for those not lucky enough to be able to walk across the bridge at night.
      Thanks for stopping by my Blog.

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