On an otherwise ordinary day in February, a long time ago, this very unordinary person started her life in Belmore NSW. The family was living on Rookwood Road Bankstown at the time, where they remained for about a year and a half before making the move to a little village 8 miles out of Windsor, the historic town on the Hawkesbury River. This is the story of this unordinary girl, and her journey through life; the trials and tribulations, but mostly the successes. It’s going to be a little bit about her, and a lot about the magical things that have happened and the amazing people she’s met on her journey through life. It will feature the places she has seen and the places she hasn’t, and the ones on her list of ‘must see’ before her journey ends.

The journey has been mostly magical, because she somehow always seems to be in the right place at the right time, for some amazing adventures.

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