What’s News?Letter – First Edition

What’s News?Letter – First Edition

My What’s News?Letter (first edition) is about to make its appearance on your computer or mobile device screen. Like all new ventures, I imagine the news will get better with time, so you’ll have to suffer through the teething problems with me. A snapshot of the life of a blogger (very broadly speaking) will unfold each week. Don’t forget to subscribe on the form at the bottom of the page.

Tragical History Tour – What happened last week?

The highlight of the past week was making contact with someone I met on my trip to New Zealand last September. Alexis was working at The Churchill restaurant in Wellington, and as usual, I couldn’t resist asking where her accent was from. Alexis hailed from Austin in Texas, so she affectionately became known as Alexis from Texas. I gave her my card and suggested she contact me when she made it across the ditch to Australia on her working holiday.

She did, and we met for lunch at Byron Bay. From there we arranged to meet in my home-town on Friday, and to have Alexis stay over for a night on her way to the Gold Coast. It was really nice to not only catch up, but to get to know Alexis better. She is an inspiration to all who consider travelling solo, no matter how young or old you are.

What’s News?Letter

Getting Down to Business – The Week Ahead

Plans for this week involve a reasonable amount of travel, and given how cold it is today, I’ll be grateful for the warmth of the car as I drive to the north side of Brisbane, mid-week.

Monday: COFFEE. Take some photos for an article I’m writing and spend at least a couple of hours actually writing the article.

Tuesday: COFFEE. More writing. Possibility of driving to the northern end of the Gold Coast to pick up a neighbour who may need a ride home. Pack for week away on the north side of  Brisbane. Watch ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ At 7.30pm on SBS – the only show I’m seriously following on my big screen TV – or any TV, actually.

Wednesday: COFFEE. Drive to the north side of Brisbane. Another coffee along the way – thank God for Drive Thru Coffee. Some writing (hopefully) when I get there. Unpack and settle in.

Thursday: COFFEE. Not sure what will be on the agenda, but I’m hoping it will be some down-time, coffee in hand, as I write from my favourite table at the Beach Shak. I’ll also factor in a walk along the beach (have you ever wondered how little exercise writer’s get?).

Friday: COFFEE. Same as Thursday – probably.

Weekend: COFFEEWatch This Space! No plans made, so anything could happen.

So that’s it, folks. My week, in a nutshell (nutshell – how appropriate!).

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Join my Day Through my What’s News?-Letter

Join my Day Through my What’s News?-Letter

The ‘What’s News?-Letter’ Idea Just Popped Into My Head

Ever wondered what a Blogger does each day? How they tackle the problem of writing – in an effort to fill the blank spaces on their blog site?

In one of those wondrous moments – somewhere between first-coffee-of-the-day and where-do-I-start? – I came up with the crazy notion this morning that I should write a weekly Newsletter. Don’t ask me where the idea came from, but there it was – looming large and urgent over me.

And what purpose will the newsletter serve?

  1. To paint a picture of a day in the life of a Blogger
  2. To keep on-track by highlighting in big, bold text what this blogger still needs hopes to achieve in any given week


Well, maybe items 1 and 2 above should be reversed – after all, if the Blogger achieves number two, then anyone half-interested in what bloggers do all day will have a fairly good idea by reading what this blogger does to keep her sorry-self on track.

Having the brilliant idea is one thing, but fulfilling the details of the task on a consistently regular basis is something else.

Well, my goal for this year was to write more, so maybe this is a way of achieving that goal?

So hit the Subscribe button below, and join me on the ‘What’s News?-Letter’ posts that will unfold on this site – hopefully before each working week officially begins (mine starts on Mondays). Oh, and you won’t need to set aside a lot of time for reading – my weeks are not that busy – trust me.

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