Day 10 – UBC – 10 Shades of Winter

Day 10 – UBC – 10 Shades of Winter

Bears hibernate in winter, and so do I. At the end of Autumn I snuggle under a thick blanket, and I don’t peep out from under the covers until the first signs of Spring. While the 10 shades of winter are making their presence felt outside, I stay inside, where it is snug and warm.

The 10 Shades of Winter!

  1. cold!
  2. naked trees (barely a leaf in sight)
  3. frost on the ground
  4. ice, on any flat surface that bares itself to the elements
  5. drab, dreary colours
  6. so many layers of clothing –  you feel like the Michelin man
  7. days that are too short and nights that are too long
  8. hot (healthy) soup, instead of ice-cream (just kidding)
  9. hot chocolate instead of milkshakes
  10. cold!

Luckily, I live in the northern rivers area of New South Wales, where winters aren’t too bad. Yes, they can be cold, but this year the winter has been mild. So I have ventured out, a little, but usually late in the morning, and I make sure I’m home before dark, because that’s when the cold sets in.

And as for hibernation? While the 10 shades of winter are out there, I’m in here, snuggled under a blanket – or two.

Will someone wake me up when Spring arrives?

Only when the 10 shades of winter have disappeared, and Spring is here, will I be ready to come out.

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