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Day 6 Blog Challenge – Thank You For Making A Difference!

Making A Difference! How often do we say to someone we meet, “Thank you for making a difference!” My personal experience is – ‘not nearly enough!’ And I meet people almost daily who make a huge difference in my life; I just don’t tell them that they do. Maybe in subtle ways they get the…

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WordCamp Is Nearly Here!!!

WordCamp Is Just Over A Week Away!!! 22-23 July 2017 QUT Gardens Point Brisbane The Countdown Is On! Less than 2 weeks to go and I can hardly wait to get there!!! transport is sorted accommodation is booked iPad and iPencil are fully charged spare batteries – packed camera – packed Why is WordCamp exciting? Because WordCamp…

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Blogging Along!

Learning The Ropes of Blogging-Along Bear with me as I learn the ropes of Blogging. The pages of this site are so much like the pages of my mind – ‘bits and pieces from here and there, all thrown together with reckless abandon’. If you have any compulsion to see the site organised in a…

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