Because I’ve been a gypsy most of my life I’ve seen some pretty amazing places; from drought stricken outback towns to bustling major cities, and everything in between. I’ve lived in four countries and backpacked through Europe in the middle of winter. Some of the places I’ve seen looked best in the rear-view mirror as I was leaving, but most are high on my list of places to go back to. When I think of future travel, it’s those familiar places that call the loudest. While going back is tempting, moving forward means taking new risks, seeing the places I haven’t seen, and have no connection to. It’s about stepping out of my comfort zone, even if only to the inner circle, but always with a view to going a little further each time.

Tumbulgum – One of the nicest spots on the Tweed


Sunrise – while cruising the great Pacific Ocean

Which brings me to my next trip. Right out of the blue an opportunity arose to travel to China. China wasn’t even on my radar, but because the trip is fully organised by someone who knows what they’re doing, and because I’ll be travelling with people I have a lot in common with, I couldn’t resist. I’ve never travelled on a guided tour before so this just might be the start of something new. Either that, or I’ll go back to my impromptu, impulsive, plan as I go method. I’ll keep you posted. Either way, I’ll be taking my camera with me, so hopefully you’ll follow my journey through the photos and stories on these pages.