Nature’s Mirror To The Sky

Nature’s Mirror To The Sky

When the water is so crystal clear that you can look across the river and see the sky, the clouds, and the trees mirrored on the surface, you are seeing nature at its best. That’s what makes the Tweed River so spectacularly beautiful. As you drive along the Tweed Valley Way, with one eye on the road and the other on the sun glistening on the water, you will be mesmerised by its beauty.

Nature uses the mirror of the river to reflect her beauty

The colours of the water mirror nature’s palette of colours. It’s as if Mother Nature has spent the dark hours of the night mixing the vibrant blues and greens, for those lucky enough to see her masterpiece in the morning light. Artists and photographers try to capture the beauty, but few can do justice to what nature provides for us, free of charge. Just look in the mirror and see the beauty of nature.

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